These are some examples of projects on which I have worked.

Español en Acción
Español en Acción (2nd edition) prepares students in Ireland for Leaving Certificate Spanish. I was delighted to work on this textbook – the perfect opportunity to apply (and brush up on!) my Spanish language skills. Working as part of an editorial team, my responsibilities included copy-editing, proofreading and project management.
Como agua para chocolate
Educational materials often feature complex, highly designed spreads, so a keen eye for detail and a systematic approach are essential. This abridged version of Laura Esquivel's Como agua para chocolate is from the OUP series 'Oxford Literature Companions'.
Ethiopia Past and Present
A stunning collection of images celebrating the remarkable beauty of Ethiopia, captured by travel photographer Julie Green. A thoroughly enjoyable collaborative project between client, designer and proofreader.
Grit Boards
The user manual for this electric skateboard had been translated from Chinese into English. Unfortunately the quality of translation was poor, so the copy was confusing and repetitive. I simplified content by re-writing it in more accessible, user-friendly language.
Sublime Symmetry
William De Morgan is my design hero! Described as “the most inventive and innovative designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement” (De Morgan Foundation), the Sublime Symmetry touring exhibition explored the key role mathematics plays in many of his designs for ceramics. I was lucky enough to be able to proofread the exhibition catalogue.

Client list

  • Akkadia Press (proofread, brochures)
  • Boydell & Brewer (copy-edit, monographs)
  • Burgess Typography (proofread, website)
  • The De Morgan Foundation (proofread, copy-edit: brochures)
  • Folens (copy-edit, proofread, project management: Spanish textbook)
  • Macmillan Education (copy-edit, Business English titles)
  • Oxford Internet Institute (copy-edit, proofread: reports & memos)
  • Oxford University Press (copy-edit, proofread: educational materials)
  • Pearson Educación SA (copy-edit, proofread: educational materials)
  • Richmond ELT (copy-edit, proofread: educational materials)
  • Saïd Business School (proofread, economics journals)
  • Woxford Environmental Technologies UK (copy-edit, website)