My core services are:
  • copy-editing
  • proofreading
  • editorial style guide creation
  • audio and video checks
  • web editing.

Share your workload with me; I can copy-edit text to help establish voice and consistency; or second-eye content to dot the proverbial 'i' and check that pesky 't' is crossed.

Typically, I edit using track changes in Microsoft Word, or mark up on PDF using Adobe tools or BSI proofreading stamps.

I can also create an editorial style guide, a document used as a reference tool to help establish brand consistency across all company output, from marketing materials to website copy. Such guides usually specify preferred spelling and punctuation, together with information on key grammar conventions.

Why hire an editor?

The services of an editor are invaluable if you want to be confident your words are fit for purpose and look good on the page – whether the final format is print or online.

Professionally trained editors develop expertise and discipline enabling us to drill down into the detail. Applying our skills, we refine words so they are accurate, clear and consistent by:

  • establishing voice and style
  • improving text flow
  • removing ambiguity
  • raising queries
  • checking grammar, spelling and punctuation.

(Actually, sometimes it feels like a bit of a curse, we are never off duty – even restaurant menus get the treatment. ‘Desert?’ ‘Yes, please, I'll have a large Gobi!’)